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May 4, 2001

No such Weblog.

This web log does, of course, not exist.

It's, just like most of its colleagues, intended to serve as a repository for random notes and links I find interesting. I'll try to update this right column semi-regularly.


Thomas Roessler <>

Mutt-1.3.18 is out.

You can download the latest and greatest unstable mutt, version 1.3.18.

Scan of the Month: May 2001.

The Honeynet Project has an easy forensic challenge as May's Scan of the Month: Identify and recover a deleted rootkit from a compromised Linux system. Nice exercise for starters! (If you are looking for a more sophisticated exercise in incident handling, look at their Forensic Challenge. The solutions have been posted, but you can still just try to solve it, before reading what others have done.)

EU: Workshop on safer use of new interactive technologies.

From Richard Swetenham's Quicklinks list: The European Commission is organising a workshop on safer use of new interactive technologies in Luxembourg on 11 and 12 June. [...] The objective of the workshop is to produce a report which analyses new means of content delivery from the angle of illegal and harmful content/contact. The report should contain requirements and options for future EU action.

BerliOS: Germany's SourceForge clone.

I learned today that Germany has a Sourceforge clone: Have a look at for details.

AOL vs. Microsoft: Windows XP

As Heise and report, AOL doesn't like Windows XP too much, and ponders to torpedo the new Windows version.

ICANN: Andy Müller Maguhn has notes from the Melbourne GAC meeting

I didn't see this before, so here is the link.

Shared Source

Florian Weimer pointed to Microsoft's Remarks on "Shared Source" on FITUG's debate mailing list.

May 9, 2001

A Solaris worm which attacks IIS web servers

CERT has a new advisory on a Solaris worm which systematically attacks and defaces web servers running certain unpatched versions of IIS.

May 10, 2001

Stuttgart University's CERT is criminal - says SmartFilter.

There's a German-language article on the web site of the CERT of the University of Stuttgart on this: SmartFilter has rated their pages in the Criminal Skills category.

May 11, 2001

text/plain; format=flowed for mutt

I have implemented support for flowed text à la RFC 2646 with mutt, using jed as the editor. The changes to mutt are in the CVS repository. The jed support is here and here.

May 13, 2001

Why data protection is necessary.

From Wired News: What They (Don't) Know About You. When Richard Smith got his FBI file, he learned a lot of interesting things about himself. He found out that he had died in 1976 and that he may have previously been married to a woman named Mary. He also discovered that he may be known as "Ricky Smith" or "Rickie Smith" -- aliases he shares with a couple of convicts doing hard time in Texas. En fin, Smith -- who is the chief technology officer of the Privacy Foundation -- found that his FBI file contained more errors than correct data.

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