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The ICANN board has, according to the preliminary report of today's meeting, passed a resolution approving Verisign's Wait Listing Service proposal. The resolution was passed with Auerbach and Abril i Abril opposed, Müller-Maguhn and Kyong abstaining, and 11 others in favor.

The resultion contains a number of conditions on the implementation of the service:

  • The Redemption Grace Period must be implemented 6 months before WLS starts.
  • No preferential treatment to the holders of existing SnapBacks.
  • Sponsoring registrars may not place WLS subscription in the last sixty days before the registration of the name is deleted. (In the absence of a uniform deletions policy, this wording is rather interesting, and I'm wondering what this will mean in the actual implementation.)
  • Current domain name holders are informed about the existence of a WLS subscription, but not about the identity of the subscriber.
  • The current approval is only valid for a trial period.
  • ICANN will pay attention whether WLS harms the legitimate interests of consumers or others.

On the GA list, Danny Younger reports that some of the registrars are not amused by this. On the registrars' list, Michael Palage had this summary: WLS was approved but will not be operational until 2003. Net-Net no one is likely to be happy which is one definition that I have for consensus.

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