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Marilyn Cade (Transfers Task Force chair) has sent (to the Task Force) a clarification concerning SnapNames' response to the Names Council's vote on the proposed Wait Listing Service.

The note pays particular attention to section 3 (pricing) of the SnapNames response. In that text, Crawford quotes the Task Force's recommendation as follows:

Based on the above two points (notice and transparency), the price for the WLS [should] be set at the same amount as the current registry fee for a registration the cost of the WLS function being no more, an[d] probably less, than a registration plus any additional costs [due] to "notice and transparency", based on Verisign's provision of such validating information on such costs to the Board/Staff.

Cade points out:

I note for the Task Force archives that #3, as described by Ms. Crawford that this particular recommendation was modified by vote of the Task Force in its meeting on 7/22, is not the recommendation within the final ballot which was distributed to the Task Force list and provided to the TF members to vote, and is not the version which is in the final report.

The final recommendation's text, as voted:

WLS should be cost based, consistent with previous considerations for approval of Registry services by the ICANN board.

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